TRNC Foreign Ministry Petitions EU for Fair Treatment

The TRNC foreign ministry, in a written statement, has called on the European Union to adopt a more balanced and equal stance towards the two communities in Cyprus.

A written statement issued by the ministry, expressed the hope that the EU will take into consideration the realities and political sensitivities on the island when adopting resolutions or taking decisions on Cyprus.

North Cyprus News - Drillship - Saipem 12000The statement went on to recall that “the Greek Cypriot administration resumed its unilateral activities internationally under the title of the Republic of Cyprus which it had usurped in 1963”.

The statement said that “the latest example of this was the preliminary decision to grant south Cyprus 101 million Euros in financial assistance to be used for creating the infrastructure that would allow the transportation of liquefied gas from South Cyprus via Greece to EU countries”.

It further added that “despite the fact that the relevant EU bodies had been informed, the Turkish Cypriots needed to be included in decisions concerning the whole island. The EU, instead of adopting a conciliatory role between the two sides chose to assist and encourage the Greek Cypriot side to continue its unilateral activities. The unfair and biased approach of the EU serves to further strengthen division on the island”, the statement read.

It also recalled that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres had reiterated that the natural resources on the island must benefit both sides and that one-sided moves would trigger tension in the region.

The Greek Cypriot administration is signing bilateral and multilateral agreements on its own and is continuing its hydrocarbon exploration activities,” the statement said, adding further that “the most reasonable and practical way of moving natural resources out of the island is to transport them to Europe from North Cyprus via Turkey,” the statement concluded.


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