TRNC Government Toppled

The ruling UBP party led government was brought down by a motion of no confidence earlier today after Parliament had an open vote and 27 votes were cast for the motion. 21 members of the opposition parties voted against, therefore winning by a majority of 6 votes – more than enough to secure the UBP’s demise.

The next step in the process is for Prime Minister Irsen Kucuk to tender his resignation to the President Eroglu. This will end the current rule of the UBP who have been in power since May 17th 2010.

Prime Minister Kucuk has already said that he will announce his resignation to the President at 11 am tomorrow.

Once the PM has officially resigned, it is the duty of the President to select a member of parliament who will be responsible for attempting to form a new government. This must be completed within 15 days.

Early elections were already announced for Juy 28th. This means that today’s actions brought an end to the UBP’s rule, two months before a general election – an election they will likely struggle in.

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