TRNC government under huge economic pressure to sign protocols with Turkey

The issue of water management could have a political knock on effect if it remains unresolved, leader of the CTP Mehmet Ali Talat has said.

Speaking to Kanal Sim TV, Talat said that his government disagrees with the terms of water management as formerly agreed with Turkey.

“If this government falls, then we don’t know how another could be formed under the current conditions. I don’t know how we can with stand this pressure [referring to financial difficulties] and how we can withstand the pressure from our government partners [UBP].”

He added that the real risk they are facing is if the TRNC government does not sign the economic protocol with Turkey, it will be unable to pay its civil servants and pensioners their 13th salary nor its outstanding debts to the farmers.

Prime Minister Omer Kalyoncu will not visit Ankara until an agreement on who administers the water and an economic protocol is signed, Talat said.

Yeni Duzen

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