TRNC independence Turkey’s objective: Omirou

The Greek Cypriot community must show decisive resistance to counteract Turkey’s long-standing objective to legalise the “occupation of Cyprus’ northern areas”, South Cyprus House President Yiannakis Omirou said.

“We have an historic duty, an imperative need to secure the survival of our people and our country and fight against Turkish expansionism,” he said, in a speech at a memorial service for two people who died during the 1974 Turkish invasion.

“Cyprus”, he pointed out, cannot afford to ignore existing dangers nor can it discount Ankara’s threats, adding that Turkey has not only maintained its intransigent stance but it has escalated its provocative approach.

The House President referred to the unilateral declaration of independence by the Turkish Cypriots, the influx of illegal Turkish settlers, the state of the art military hardware Ankara maintains in “occupied Cyprus”, all of which – he said – leave no doubt as to its goals.

“We must have no illusions as to Turkey’s objectives,” he said.

He recalled that over the years, during UN-led negotiations, Turkish proposals provide for the recognition of two state entities, with shared sovereignty throughout the island, something which paves the way for the occupation of the entire island. Such ideas are contrary to UN resolutions and the UN Charter, he added.

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