TRNC institutions need strengthening: Akinci

President Mustafa Akinci, addressing a delegation from the London based Turkish Community Football Federation headed by its deputy chairman Nazim Celebi, has said that there is a need to strengthen the institutions of the TRNC before a settlement is reached in Cyprus.

Akinci stated that the current state will be one of the two equal constituent components of the new partnership. “The Greek Cypriots will have their own constituent state and the TRNC will transform itself into the new Turkish Cypriot constituent state”, he said.

Also, touching upon the Cyprus problem, Akinci said that their current efforts are focused on achieving a bi-communal settlement based on the political equality of the two sides which the two communities would accept and endorse with a referendum.

In regard to the upcoming celebrations to mark the 32nd anniversary of the establishment of the TRNC, Akinci said:

“Yes we established a state, an administrative entity or structure. But we need to continue developing and growing stronger without postponing everything until after a settlement. In the end this entity or state will become one of the equal wings of the new federal partnership. The Greek Cypriots will have their own constituent state and that we too will have the same. Our constituent state arise from the transformation of the TRNC. That is why the more we strengthen our institutions, our economy and democracy, the better we will be prepared for a federal settlement”.


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