The TRNC is invisible: Siber

Speaker for the Assembly and candidate in the presidential elections Sibel Siber, has said that if she is elected she will be a president who deals both with the negotiations to find a solution to the Cyprus problem and the internal problems of the people.

Replying to questions posed by ‘Yeni Duzen’, Siber noted that she will establish an office for international relations to raise the profile of the TRNC. She said on this issue:

“It will be a very different, very dynamic, very active office on international relations. Academicians, especially our influential academicians in international relations, civilian organisations, experienced staff that have worked on the Cyprus issue and diplomats will work in this office. That is, we will be very visible. We are not visible now as Turkish Cypriot side. There are two communities and we are referring to a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation. There is one community which is visible, because it is recognised, but we are not visible, we are not recognised.

However, being unrecognised is not tantamount to us being prevented from making ourselves visible. It is difficult, but we will struggle with the difficulties. What we mean is by lobbying, by backstage, being able to explain yourself. No matter how right you are, you are understood to the extent you are able to explain yourself. For example, you invite a correspondent from BBC here, host him for two days, show him around and explain your positions and your situation. Invite newspapers from abroad.”

Source Yeni Duzen

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