TRNC is wasting its time: says Ozgurgun

In an interview on Bayrak TV last week, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Huseyin Ozgurgun said that the European Union continued to disappoint the Turkish Cypriots. He added that the Turkish Cypriots were wasting their time as the EU had no intention of understanding them.

Noting that everyone should support TRNC President Dervis Eroglu at the negotiating table, Ozgurgun claimed that Eroglu had to this day adopted a positive and constructive approach at the talks.

Ozgurgun claimed that they did not see any willingness on the Greek Cypriot side towards reaching a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem.

“Our proposals regarding natural gas [and] property; they’re all on the table. We’ve even told them (Greek Cypriots) that we could accept cross voting under certain conditions. What more can we do?” he asked.

Asked to comment on the Turkish Foreign Minister’s earlier statements that either a solution will be reached or the island will be divided permanently, Ozgurgun said that the Turkish Foreign Minister’s statements had been distorted. He said: “He didn’t say such a thing. Naturally if a settlement can’t be reached there are two states on the island”.

Reminding everyone that he will be meeting with the UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor Alexander Downer on the 26th of April, Ozgurgun said that they will continue to focus on the Cyprus problem even in the absence of a settlement.

Ozgurgun also complained that his ministry was experiencing budget problems. There are 22 foreign representation offices in operation, at the moment. He added that the TRNC was currently looking into ways of raising the Foreign Ministry’s budget.

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