TRNC Minister suggests share utilities from Turkey with RoC

Huseyin Ozgurgun, TRNC Minister for Foreign Affairs, has said he does not think that the economic crisis in the Republic of Cyprus could contribute positively to the solution of the Cyprus problem. In statements made during one of his meetings on Thursday, Ozgurgun noted that the negotiations could resume in April, after the presidential elections in the RoC. He alleged that the Greek Cypriot side appears to have no intention of reaching an agreement because of the existence of the Orthodox Church and some nationalistic factions.

Asked to comment on a statement allegedly made by President Christofias that the Republic of Cyprus was bankrupt, Ozgurgun pointed to the electricity and water which will be transferred from Turkey to the TRNC and expressed the hope that President Christofias will understand the benefits of this for Cyprus. “We do not want anyone to enter into economic straits, we are not happy about this”, he argued, noting that some economists said that the economic situation of the Greek Cypriots is worse than it was in 1974.

Ozgurgun alleged that the economic crisis creates potential for reaching a just, lasting and viable solution. Moreover, he claimed that an agreement will have the capacity to solve the general financial crisis, that the Turkish Cypriots are in favour of an agreement and that the solution will secure economic development on the island.

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