TRNC Needs Its Own Firefighting Helicopter

North Cyprus News - Fire fighting helicoptorThe TRNC should have its own firefighting helicopter, Prime Minister Ersan Saner has said, Kibris Postasi reported.

The right thing is of course to have a fighting helicopter, but there is a cost issue, it is said that military helicopters should be used in this regard, but the thing called extinguishing apparatus is not something like a bicycle pedal…” the prime minister said. He was aware that this topic is one that emerges regularly and has been discussed in parliament in the past. There has also been a great deal of criticism on social media about this issue.

At the end of June, Turkey sent a loan fire-fighting helicopter but after the outbreak of an unprecedented number of wildfires on the Turkish mainland, the helicopter had to be returned.

Saner said that for the first time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is trying to reach an agreement with the British Bases. If successful, firefighting helicopters could be deployed from the British Bases, he said.

Kibris Postasi

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