TRNC offers South Cyprus a helping hand

Prime Minister Irsen Kucuk, during a press briefing yesterday, said that the TRNC was willing to help South Cyprus with its economic crisis but that no such request had yet been received.

The Prime Minister said that while there was a global economic crisis, it seemed to be far worse in Greece and South Cyprus. Mr Kucuk pointed out that earlier, when the South had experienced major problems with electricity supplies, he had personally offered help from the TRNC. Within 2 days his offer had been accepted and the TRNC had provided electricity for 9 months.

Similarly, Egemen Bagis Turkey’s EU Minister said that if the Greek Cypriots applied for help from the TRNC, and it was appropriate, Turkey would not hesitate in giving financial assistance. He pointed out that recently Turkey had been providing financial assistance to a number of countries, including Libya and Sudan. He pointed out that Turkey could not provide direct assistance as it did not recognise South Cyprus. However the Greek Cypriots could apply for help initially from the TRNC.

Coincidentally, yesterday, the TRNC Agriculture and Natural Resources Minister, Ali Cetin, was on French television, mainly outlining the progress on the Turkey pipeline project which is unique. However, he did mention that the TRNC was ready to share its new water supply with South Cyprus if they requested it.

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