TRNC Organisations against Syria Intervention

As reports come in about increased activity on Akrotiri air base in the South, a number of TRNC organisations have come together to make a joint declaration against any possible intervention in Syria.

They have called for demonstrations tomorrow at Kugulu Park in Nicosia at 3pm. The intention is to hold a protest march to the British and then US representative offices.

Using decidedly left wing rhetoric, they brand any possible intervention as ‘imperialist’ and say that Cyprus would be the hub for any military operations.

Organizations involved are:  KTOEÖS, EMU-SEN, TDP Youth Organization, YKP Youth, BKP Youth, Baraka Cultural Centre, the Revolutionary Communist League (DBP), Poseidon Culture and Art Center, Pir Sultan Abdal Culture Association

What is also food for thought, however, is that Cyprus is only 100 miles away from Syria and does lie within the range of President Assad’s Scud missiles.

There are also fears that any ill-thought out military action against Assad could escalate the civil war in Syria and spread to other Middle Eastern countries.

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