TRNC parliamentarians polled on nuclear plant

A poll of Turkish Cypriot MPs’ opinions on the Akkuyu nuclear power plant which will be built in Mersin, was taken by ‘Kibris Postasi’.

The building of the plant, which will lie only 90 km away from Cyprus has caused protests on the island and abroad.

The newspaper says that out 50 MPs polled, 26 said that they were against the nuclear plant in Akkuyu, 8 of the MPs were in favour of the plant. 10 MPs were undecided about the plant and said that they would make a statement later.

The 26 MPs who are outright against the plant said that Cyprus should have been included in the Impact Assessment Report considering its proximity to the plant, while some of the MPs who were undecided said that it was the “mainland’s decision” and that they respected this decision.

Others said “The government cannot even help itself, how can it help others?”

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