TRNC police get a uniform make-over

The TRNC police have launched their new look uniform, designed by Turkish fashion designer, Rashid Bagzibagli.

However, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Afrika’ newspaper reports that this is part of the effort to assimilate  the TRNC police into the police in Turkey. Afrika notes that the first action of Prime Minister Erdogan [in this respect] had been to assign a “general coordinator” to the TRNC police who had more rights and authority than the “general director of the police” himself. The appointment was made two years ago. According to information obtained by the paper, this “coordinator” initiated the idea of purchasing a riot control vehicle (TOMA) for the TRNC, such as those used by Turkish police used during the recent incidents at Istanbul’s Gezi Park.

Noting that design of the uniforms were similar to those of the Turkish police, Afrika recalls that since British colonial rule, the uniforms of the Turkish and Greek Cypriot police have been designed along similar lines.

According to the paper, the aim of Turkey’s AKP government with the change of uniform is to “disconnect” the TRNC police from the police of South Cyprus, to maintain in the TRNC, a police organization which is dependent on Turkey and to further instigate separation.

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