TRNC police on lookout for abducted four year old girl

Police authorities in the TRNC are on the lookout for a four year old girl who has been abducted by her father who may have crossed the border from the south.

A custody battle is being fought between Cyprus and Norway, after the kidnapping took place outside a south Nicosia nursery on Thursday morning.

A Norwegian estranged 49-year-old father of a four-year-old girl is believed to be behind the kidnapping, when hooded men snatched her out of her mother’s hands. The father, who was seen in the north according to unconfirmed reports, reportedly emailed the mother to inform her that she was safe and well and that he would soon be taking her to Norway with him.

The father argues that the Cypriot mother of his daughter took custody of their child unlawfully.

Four men who were arrested by the police on suspicion of abducting the girl, were remanded in police custody for three days by a South Nicosia magistrate on Friday.

An international arrest warrant has been issued against the girl’s Norwegian father by police in Cyprus.

Strict measures and controls are taking place by the TRNC police at all crossing points and especially at the Metehan crossing.

Yeni Duzen, Cyprus Weekly

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