TRNC political parties call for peace talks to begin soonest

The United Cyprus Party (BKP) Chairman Izzet Izcan has called on Presidents Eroglu and Anastasiades to stop using delaying tactics and to resume the Cyprus talks as soon as possible from the point where they were left off, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Kibris’ has reported.

In a written statement, Izcan said that Cypriots can no longer put up with paying the price for the lack of a Cyprus settlement. He added that both Eroglu and Foreign Affairs Minister, Ozdil Nami make statements that they want an early solution, however they contradict these by their actions. Izcan said that proposals submitted by the TRNC for agreement on a joint declaration, are separatist proposals aimed at undermining UN resolutions on Cyprus and actually envisage two separate states.

He said it was time to stop delaying and to get serious about finding a solution. He added that they cannot deceive the Turkish Cypriots.

Izcan noted that Cyprus’ sovereignty means one body and is indivisible within a federation, adding that this is provided for in the UN Security Council Resolutions. He noted that a confederation based on two separate states is impossible and is just another way of saying “we don’t want a solution”.

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Halkin Sesi’ reported that Sunat Atun, general secretary of the National Unity Party (UBP) claimed that the letter sent by South Cyprus President Anastasiades to the UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon is a new document, cataloguing Greek Cypriot hostility to the fundamental rights of the Turkish Cypriots.

In a written statement, Atun alleged Prime Minister Ozkan Yorgancioglu has tried to accuse President Eroglu instead of the Greek Cypriots, showing that the politics of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) are irresponsible and distant from the interests of the Turkish Cypriots.

In respect of the joint statement, Atun said that both sides should stop looking for a joint statement and sit at the negotiation table as soon as possible. He added that the agreement to be reached should include the continuation of Turkey’s guarantees, bi-zonality, political equality and sovereignty of the Turkish Cypriots. He added that the TRNC cannot be considered as a mere joke in the annals of history.

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