TRNC political parties guarded about Geneva 2

Leaders and representatives of the Turkish Cypriot political parties are very cautious regarding the results of the upcoming 2nd Geneva Conference on Cyprus.

Head of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP), Tufan Erhurman told Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Kibris Postasi’, that if there is a deadlock in Geneva, the two sides should agree on measures which will prevent tension on the island in July. [Referring to the South’s plan to continue hydrocarbon exploration offshore.] Noting that the Geneva Conference should be viewed as a window of opportunity, Erhurman argued that the issues on which agreement has not been reached and the extent to which the sides could be flexible are known, and added that it would not be wrong to say that the leaders could achieve a result in Geneva if they exhibit determination, courage and a result-oriented approach. He continued:

If the same problem continues, the second best alternative could be the following: Important progress will be achieved in Geneva on the issues on which agreement has not been reached yet. Agreement will be reached on measures which will prevent any tension on the island in July and the negotiations will be suspended in peace. With this probability, very few issues will be left for the period after the elections in the South and a peaceful bridge will be built through confidence building measures in the period leading to the resumption date. Our preference is of course to realize the first probability and to reach a federal solution. […]

The leader of the Social Democracy Party (TDP), Cemal Ozyigit said that they expect a result, a solution in Geneva and argued that what is important is everyone, including the guarantor powers, to be prepared well and exhibit will.

General secretary of the Democratic Party (DP), Afet Ozcafer said that she expects nothing from Geneva. Arguing that reference is always made to “a last chance, last opportunity”, Ozcafer asserted that the Turkish Cypriots have no hope and that these meetings could be prolonged as long as the Greek Cypriot side continues to see the Turkish Cypriots as minority.

Oguzhan Hasipoglu, National Unity Party (UBP) head of the foreign relations relations department, said that the Geneva Conference [in January] had completely failed and the Turkish Cypriot side had lost its bargaining power, because it had submitted a map on the territory issue. “I am expecting a deadlock again. In case of a deadlock what will happen? Will the UN declare that the process has collapsed?

Meanwhile, Kudret Ozersay, chairman of the People’s Party (HP), has argued that the important thing is not to go to Geneva but what we will do there. Ozersay said that at first glance, it seems that the pre-conditions put forward by President Anastasiades to go to Geneva have been watered down or lifted, but the Greek Cypriot side still possesses some cards for not going to Geneva, something which is still possible.

Finally, in a written statement Erhan Arikli, chairman of the Turkish settlers’ Revival Party (YDP), has described as positive the convention of the ‘2nd Geneva Conference’ on Cyprus and said that in case a negative result comes out from this conference, the new agenda should be a “velvet divorce”. He said that the conference should not be open-ended and that a positive or negative result should be taken [as final].

Kibris Postasi

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