What is the TRNC doing to prevent Ebola outbreak?

A statement issued two days ago by the EU says that it is prepared to respond should a case of Ebola be reported by any of its member states. However, health authorities in North Cyprus have made no statement, despite the fact that hundreds of students from the African continent will arrive soon, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Prompted by the worst outbreak of Ebola in West Africa documented so far, which has infected over 1000  people and claimed more than 600 lives, ‘Kibris Postasi’ contacted the Director of Health, Dr Emine Güllüelli to ask what measures the health authorities were taking given that the TRNC will be expecting students from countries that are worst hit by the disease.

Dr Güllüelli said that no action had been taken so far as the topic was not on the Health Ministry’s agenda. The newspaper has said that it will be closely following the issue and asks if both sides of the island might cooperate with each other should the need arise.

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