TRNC public come out to support Taksim Square protestors

As news started to come in last night about the heavy handed police clear out of Taksim Square and Gezi Park, TRNC citizens rose up in support.

Demonstrations were held in both Nicosia and Kyrenia.

Hundreds gathered in Kugulu Park in Nicosia and then marched to demonstrate in front of the Turkish Embassy. There they were met by barricades set up by the police. A few minor scuffles ensued.

There were the sounds of pots and pans everywhere and the crowds are still there this morning.

In Kyrenia, crowds met at Kordonboyu in front of the statue of Ataturk. They were carrying pictures of Ataturk and flags of Turkey.

Numerous anti- Erdogan slogans were shouted and the crowds finally dispersed after singing the national anthem. Many will be going to Nicosia to support the protestors there today.

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