Government sends proposal on water to Ankara

A document outlining conditions for managing the water conveyed to the North via underwater pipeline from Turkey, has been sent to Ankara.

Prime Minister Omer Kalyoncu signed the paper and had it sent to Ankara for “further consultation”.

Noting that the ball is now in Ankara’s court, Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis has published some of the following provisions contained in the document:

  • The bid document will be prepared within three months.
  • The bid will be completed within the following nine months.
  • Within this (one year) period the Water Affairs Department of Turkey [DSI] will provide the water to the municipalities.
  • The tenders will be invited by the Central tender Committee.
  • Two separate bids will be invited: One for the drinking water and one for the water for agricultural use.
  • The municipalities will continue collecting the revenues.
  • The municipalities will be actively involved in the administration of the water both for the entire country and the separate areas.
  • The price of the water will not exceed 4.5 TL per ton.
  • During the first year the DSI will offer services without claiming at any profit.
  • A fund will be established with the income of the DSI from the water and this money will be used for covering the debts of the municipalities.


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