TRNC should get water from Turkish project by year’s end

The Project of the Century which cost 500 million euros is to be inaugurated at a later date by Turkish minister for forestry and water Veysel Eroglu. Speaking on Friday at a ceremony to mark the connection of the last piece of pipe in the project which runs 80 km under the sea between Mersin and the TRNC, President Mustafa Akinci said that it could be a “peace project”.

Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Yeni Duzen’ reported that the last 500 metres of piping was laid off the Kyrenia coast watch by Eroglu, the Turkish Ambassador to North Cyprus Derya Kanbay and Minister for Agriculture Onder Senearoglu.

The pipes take several hours to sink and then are emptied of sea water ready to begin supplying fresh water from the Alakopru Dam which was constructed in Anamur, in the province of Mersin, south Turkey.

About 75 million cubic metres of water will be supplied annually for domestic and agricultural consumption.

The water should come on stream to fill the dam at Gecitkoy in ten days’ time.

Nicosia is expected to be supplied with water from the dam by the end of October. The plan is to supply water throughout the rest of the North by the year’s end.

Minister Eroglu said that the next project is to supply electricity by undersea cable to the TRNC from Turkey.

Asked if the South of the island could also benefit from the water from Turkey, he said that was a matter for the Turkish Cypriot government, but if needed, a second pipeline could be laid.

Cyprus Mail, Yeni Duzen

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