TRNC should remain a secular state protestors say

Twelve organisations, among them a number of political parties and trade unions, have asked President Mustafa Akinci not to sign the amendment law for religious affairs, which was sent to the presidency after it was approved by the assembly.

On Friday, The group who were scheduled to meet the Undersecretary of State, issued a press statement in front of the presidency. Nazen Sansal, activist from the Baraka Cultural Centre, speaking on behalf of the organisations said: “We are here in order to ask the president not to sign the law”. He added: “Geneva is important, but Lefkoşa is also important”. Sansal explained that it had been claimed that the amendment law for the religious affairs department was made in order to improve the rights of the department’s employees; however, the real aim of this law is for Sunni-Islamisation. They would continue the fight against reactionary and domineering edicts, he said.

Sansal further said that the law is contrary to many principles of the constitution and particularly the principle of secularism. He criticised the fact that the law envisages bringing over a religious official from abroad.

Sener Elcil, general secretary of the Turkish Cypriot Teachers’ trade union (KTOS), who was also present at the protest, said that they had conveyed to Akinci their objections regarding the amendment law.

Yeni Duzen

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