TRNC signs social security protocol with Turkey

The Minister of Labour and Social Security Hamza Ersan Saner signed a cooperation protocol on social security with the Turkish Minister of Labour and Social Security Mehmet Muezzinoglu in Ankara on Thursday.

At the signing ceremony, Saner stated that Turkey had provided full support to the TRNC in the field of social security, as it does in other fields.

With this agreement we will benefit from the experiences of Turkey in the field of social security,” Saner said, adding that the agreement will allow cooperation between the two countries, without the need for an update for a long period of time.

Pointing out that the problems experienced in the field of social security will be overcome with the agreement, Saner said that from now on those who have worked in the TRNC but have moved back to Turkey, will be able to benefit from all of Turkey’s social security institutions in the event of illness, receiving their pensions or in other urgent situations.

Turkish Minister of Labour Muezzinoglu reminded that a cooperation agreement in the field of social security between the two countries had been last signed in 1987. He explained that the agreement had been updated because to the developing and changing conditions.


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