TRNC Slams EastMed Pipeline Project

North Cyprus News - Undersea gas pipeThe TRNC Foreign Ministry has described the EastMed Pipeline Project agreement signed by the Greek Cypriot administration, Israel and Greece as the latest hostile and provocative attempt to exclude the Turkish Cypriot people and Turkey from the energy equation in the region.

In a written statement issued on Friday, the Foreign Ministry said that the project was economically illogical and unfeasible, adding that attempts by the Greek Cypriot side which constantly aimed to exclude or isolate the Turkish Cypriot people was a reflection of the Greek Cypriot side’s selfish attitude which believed that Turkish Cypriots did not have a say on matters concerning the future of this island and that it can take one-sided decisions without having to consult anyone.

It further added that the Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades’ latest remarks proved that the Greek Cypriot side was insincere about reaching a settlement on the island and that it had used the negotiations process as a cloak and stage to play its own game.

The Greek Cypriot leadership needs to understand that the Turkish Cypriot people will never make any concessions on its political equality, sovereignty and rights nor will it bow to those who ignore them”, the statement read.


It said that the agreement signed by South Cyprus, Israel and Greece for the 2000km EastMed Pipeline Project which will cost €10bn to complete was aimed at nothing more than creating a false impression.

The project which has been criticised by Greek Cypriot political parties for being nothing more than a fantasy is the latest addition to efforts by the Greek Cypriot leadership to create and raise tensions on the island and the region”. The statement went on to say that:

This is the mentality we are talking about when we say that the Greek Cypriot leadership does not want to share power and wealth with Turkish Cypriots”. It pointed out that the mentality of mere point scoring and creating false impressions will only serve to raise tensions in Cyprus and the region.

We shall continue our efforts for stability and cooperation despite the ongoing provocations”, the statement concluded.


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