TRNC to be neither Turkish nor Greek Cypriot province: Denktaş

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Serdar Denktaş has said that the Turkish Cypriot people defended the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus for themselves.

I do not want [the TRNC] to be a province of the Greek Cypriot side or one of Turkey“.

According to a written statement issued by the Deputy Prime Minister, Denktaş attended a panel titled ‘The Cyprus issue and the latest developments on the negotiations process’, which was organised by the Ankara Forum Association.

He said that the existence of the TRNC should be have been made clear to the people of the Republic of Turkey. Denktaş said almost 99.8% of Turkish Cypriots would have agreed to this.

I am a politician who embraces his independent state; The TRNC has been supporting an agreement with the Greek Cypriots. I never had and never will have the intention to become part of the Greek Cypriot side. Similarly, it will not be the right approach to dissolve our state and become a province of Turkey.”

Stressing that he defended the TRNC state because he wanted the continuation of Turkish Cypriot identity, he said “therefore my independent state should continue to exist. It is out of question to for it become a province of the Greek Cypriot side or that of Turkey. What is necessary is to continue intergovernmental relations with Turkey to a better point. ”

Stating that the Anatolian and Turkish Cypriot people were part of the same nation, speaking the same language and belonging to the same religion, Denktaş stressed that the TRNC was the second independent Turkish state established by war of independence.

We should not drag our people into such a discussion. Let’s continue with our unity and solidarity forever. Cyprus and Turkey can not exist without the other. Both the TRNC and Turkey are our homeland. Two separate states but two sister states. Two different states which possess the same national character. This is what we are,”Denktaş concluded.


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