TRNC University Students Join EU Sports Union

The TRNC University Sports’ Federation has been permitted join the European University Sports Union (EUSA) in order to participate in international tournaments.

Following a campaign of lobbying the President and Secretary General of EUSA, the federation has acquired the right to participate in all games organised by EUSA. Consequently, sports teams representing TRNC universities will participate under EUSA’s umbrella and represent themselves with their own university flags.

Until now, TRNC university sports teams were able to take part in tournaments abroad under Turkey’s University Sports Federation banner, however, in 2016, South Cyprus raised objections to this practice by politicising the issue.

From that point, the head of the TRNC University Sports Federation Hüseyin Aşkın Kınacı and other representatives of the organisation began writing to the head of EUSA to refute the unfounded accusations of South Cyprus and to point out the unfair isolations imposed on TRNC sports teams.

After much deliberation and in order to circumvent certain legal restrictions, the board of directors of EUSA, who met up with the TRNC University Sports Federation Board in Paris this March, agreed to allow TRNC University students to participate in EUSA tournaments by arranging that they play under the EUSA flag.

Yeni Duzen

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