‘TRNC will be in the dark in 20 days’

This statement came from head of EL-SEN (electricity workers union) Caglayan Cesurer.

He said that the Teknecik power plant which generates most of the TRNC’s electricity will run out of fuel oil within twenty days. There are not sufficient funds to purchase additional fuel unless the Ministry of Finance pays its own and other government department electricity bills, currently amounting to TL 143 million, claims Mr Cesurer. This includes the unpaid bills of BRT and the Department of Religious Affairs, being the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance.

Mr Cesurer says that although they have been successful in getting a lot of unpaid debts resolved using payment plans, this cash flow has been used to reduce the overall borrowings of KIB-TEK so there is no cash left to buy fuel.

He accuses the Ministry of stubbornly refusing to pay its bills and says this is the reason the TRNC will lose its electricity supply within 20 days at the latest.

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