TRNC will say goodbye to fake goods

A proposed law to ensure the authenticity of products imported into the TRNC will come into effect in 2015, ‘Star Kibris’ reports.

The new law anticipates goods inspections and prohibitions on the selling of imitation products. In addition, all products which are imported into North Cyprus such as clothing, electronics, bags and building materials should be certified with ISO, TSE and CE certifications.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Ersin Tatar said that this limitation would have a negative effect on shopkeepers, particularly in a place like the TRNC which suffers embargoes. He added that the implementation of these certifications in South Cyprus is normal, because it is an EU country, but it is an injustice to impose these kinds of international standards on the TRNC

He explained that imitations goods are being sold in Turkey and these are brought to TRNC via legal means by paying customs duty. He added that this prohibition will deal a blow to the economy, because such imitation products are the livelihood of shopkeepers.

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