TRNC with Turkey’s support will become a regional player

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a geographical area which is growing strategic importance in terms of the global economy and politics, write Kerem Alkin for Turkish daily ‘Sabah’. He goes on to say that the TRNC has shown a significant leap over the past 15 years as an attractive centre for tourism and higher education.

The TRNC Economy and Energy Minister Sunat Atun shared with us yesterday that the number of tourists which 10-15 years ago were 350 thousand, now reached 1.5 million. […] In the TRNC, which has a population of 300 thousand, the number of Turkish and foreign students studying at 16 higher education institutions reached 98 thousand or nearly one third of the population”, Alkin writes, noting that thanks to the financial and technical contribution of the Republic of Turkey, the restructuring strategy of the TRNC economy started to be quite successful.

[…] “In terms of tourism, it is an important necessity for the Republic of Turkey and the TRNC to form a common strategy, especially taking into consideration the intense interest of China, the Asian market in the Mediterranean and the Aegean. Thanks to successful steps towards restructuring the economy, the TRNC is aiming for measures that will positively contribute to the Republic ‘s regional playmaker power. As minister Atun said, TRNC is aware that it is time to open up the continent by developing a global vision.

A TRNC that will effectively reposition itself in the global economy by effectively utilizing its resources. If the Greek Cypriot Administration can open six visa and tourism promotion offices in China, then it is time for similar strategies for the TRNC”, he writes.


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