TRNC’s infrastructure not ready for solution

Chairman of the Turkish Cypriot Businessmen’s Association (ISAD) Metin Sadi, feels that the TRNC is not ready to be reunited with the South and has asked for the formation of a wide-base government in the TRNC, so that the country’s problems that have been long-shelved, can be solved.

Stating that investors in the country are not hopeful for the future since they are affected by the political situation and the instability in the TRNC, Sadi stressed the need for the formation of a stable government.

Referring to the Cyprus problem, Sadi argued that the Turkish Cypriot side is not ready yet for a solution to the Cyprus problem and added that neither was the current government ready move in the direction of a solution. He added that the NGO’s should make efforts to prepare the Turkish Cypriots for the solution and the following period.

Sadi also referred to the necessity of taking steps in order to reform the current structure of the country and said that it is very important for the Turkish Cypriot side to be prepared for the post solution period in order to pay the minimum cost of adjustment.

Sadi stated also that the business world in the TRNC is not ready for the solution. He added that if the assembly does not pass the necessary legislation and if new systems which will make it easier to make investments are not in place, then the Turkish Cypriot side will not be ready to match the Greek Cypriot side which has already adopted such systems since 2004.


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