Truck Driver Arrested For Human Trafficking

North Cyprus News - police arrest

Saturday, 22 October 2022 

A man appeared in court yesterday, charged with human trafficking, Yeniduzen reports.

A police officer, giving evidence in court, said that three Syrian refugees were discovered during a search of the truck driven by the suspect, who entered the country through Kyrenia Port at around 09:00 on October 18, 2022.

 The police officer said that they arrested the suspect who said that he did not know how the three refugees got into his truck.

The officer said that the suspect’s mobile phone would be examined and that there may be others involved with the crime of human trafficking.

He asked the court that the suspect be remanded in custody for five days pending further investigation.

The suspect’s lawyer, Mustafa Atakara, did not object to his client’s detention. He asked if the refugees had been formally processed and also, how much money the suspect had been paid.

The police replied that the refugees had not been processed yet and the suspect was carrying 60 TL in cash.

The court ordered that the suspect be detained for five days as requested.

It was later learned that the truck was carrying goods for Kib-Tek.


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