Tulips Food Appeal For Cancer Patients & Their Families

One of our patients having lived and worked here for approx 20 years, unable to gain citizenship and suddenly being diagnosed with cancer?

This is what it means: You are unable to work (and earn the minimum wage of 1,834TL per month). You have to pay for all your hospital costs, schooling for your children, food, heating, clothing and rent with no state help at all!

Try to imagine what it must feel like not to be able to provide for your family the basics of life i.e. food, heating and clothing through no fault of your own just because you were diagnosed with cancer and unable to work.

Throughout the TRNC cancer patients and their families are struggling to survive, our appeal is focusing on the people that Tulips/HTWCA helps so that food can be put on their tables for themselves and their families.

It is incomprehensible to most of us that someone should have to suffer the indignity and distress of having to choose between going cold, hungry or without vital treatment. We want to be there to support as many people as possible who find themselves without even the basic necessities when hit by crisis, but we can’t do this without your support.

Thanks to the generous donations already made from the clientele of the Amore Salon (Lapta) on the run-up to Christmas, children and their families most in need have already benefited from the food donations however, this was a one off.

Therefore we are now appealing to you all to help these vulnerable families and individuals who are barely surviving below the poverty line and find something on the list below that you could add to your shopping basket that would make someone’s life a little easier. One 500gm of rice would feed a family of 4 for a couple of days …. It’s that simple.




Dried beans, lentils etc


Baby biscuits

Baby milk

Small carton milk

Small carton juice

Tinned goods

Cleaning goods:

Washing up liquid

Toilet roll

Washing powder


Shower gels



Baby wipes

Nappies mostly age 3 and under

All donations to be delivered to: Amore Tanning and Beauty Salon, Lapta and Bestseller Bookshop, Karakum.

Many thanks

Sue and Carole

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