Turk-Sen’s angry reaction to Communication initiatives

Head of Turk-Sen union, Arslan Bicakli says that he fears that the government is attempting to privatise the Telephone Office.

Bicakli says that there have been plans going back many months for privatisation and he feels that the government has stripped the Telephone Office of funds, not allowing it to invest over the years.

Bicakli states that there is now a worrying new development, where one of the mobile phone companies is setting up an optic fibre cable project, which will be the death knell for the Telephone Office.

He maintains that this new development is against the law but that there has been no objection from the government. However the municipalities will at some stage need to approve the project and he hopes that the mayors will refuse to do so.

Bicakli concludes that his union will offer strong support to those fighting against these developments.

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