Turkcell to import Russian mobile technical services

Pioneer Russian company, Peter Services which has agreements with more than 60 operators in 10 different countries, will transfer the latest innovations in the Russian Telecom market to North Cyprus Turkcell .

In statements on the issue, the general director of North Cyprus Turkcell, Aybars Karaatmaca said that with the cooperation of the international firm, they will import all ongoing technical innovations into the TRNC with the aim of improving the quality of services to their clients.

He explained that North Cyprus Turkcell, since its establishment in 1999, has worked with many international trademarks including the Peter Service Firm and referred to the importance of the investment to be made in the country as a result of its cooperation with the Peter Service Company.

According to the agreement, Peter Service company engineers will be connected online to Turkcell systems in order to improve its technological systems, including those which deal which subscriptions and accounting.

Source Ortam

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