Turkey and TRNC sign aviation protocol

A cooperation protocol has been signed yesterday between Turkey and the TRNC in the field of civil aviation. The protocol was signed by the Public Works and Transport Minister, Hasan Tacoy and the Turkish Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communication, Feridun Bilgin.

The protocol provides that in case the TRNC’s civil aviation authorities ask, the authorisation to be made by the Turkish civil aviation directorate within the framework of its own laws for aviation activities in the TRNC will be recognised by the North’s aviation department. According to the protocol, the Turkish civil aviation directorate will be able to give authorisations which the North’s civil aviation department cannot give such as registrations, licenses, flying eligibility and pilot licenses etc.

Moreover, flight training schools will be authorised by Turkey and thus they will fulfill international standards. Furthermore, cooperation will exist on issues such as the visual flight rules (VFR) and balloon flights.

In addition, the obstruction maps for Ercan and Gecitkale airports will be prepared and civil aviation personnel will be trained in Turkey.

In statements after the signing of the protocol, Tacoy said that they exchanged views with Bilgin on the issues such as investments, roads, e-government, maritime, aviation etc. and expressed his satisfaction with the fact that “motherland Turkey is by our side“.

On his part, Bilgin said that the economic and financial cooperation protocol signed between Turkey and the TRNC is bringing economic results and they are happy with seeing these. He argued that relations between Turkey and the TRNC have a very different meaning and importance than the relations with any other state.

Asked to comment on a proposal reportedly made by the Republic of Cyprus within the framework of the confidence building measures regarding the establishment of a telephone line which will secure coordination between the civil traffic control centres of Turkey and Cyprus, Bilgin replied that any situation which will negatively influence the relations between Turkey and the TRNC is out of the question and added that the proposal will be evaluated within this framework.

Replying to a question saying that the income secured by the flights in the area granted by Turkey to Ercan airport goes to Turkey’s airfields and is not paid to the Turkish Cypriots, Bilgin noted that in case there is a demand on this issue, this could be discussed. Commenting on the same issue, Tacoy said that with the income secured from this field has paid for the TRNC’s “Smart Control System”.

Yeni Duzen

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