Turkey demands solution to CypProb this year

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, has called out to the Greek Cypriot side saying “2013 is the year of a solution or separation”.

This is the first time that the Turkish Government has voiced independence for the TRNC as an option.

The Foreign Minister was paraphrasing a TRNC slogan of the 1960’s “Independence or Death”  when he said “Solution or Independence”.

Mr Davutoglu said that he had made three proposals to Prime Minister Anastasiades.

The two communities in Cyprus should negotiate a solution to their problems within a time frame and then jointly exploit offshore gas reserves.

Or else Turkish and Greek Cypriots should form a joint committee to exploit the gas, in parallel to negotiations on the Cyprus problem.

Finally, the third alternative was to have a two state solution. If that were to happen then Turkey would put its resources into helping the TRNC find and exploit hydrocarbon reserves.

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