Turkey denies meddling in TRNC government affairs

President Mustafa Akinci, held separate meetings with former Turkish President Abdullah Gul and Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Responsible for Cyprus Affairs Tugrul Turkes on the side-lines of the 19th Eurasian Economic Summit in Istanbul, on Wednesday.

Speaking after his meeting with Turkes, Akinci said that Turkes had told him of the Turkish government’s unhappiness over claims that it was behind the collapse of the coalition government in the TRNC. He said that “Turkes had told him that it was out of the question for the Turkish government to interfere with the creation or dissolution of governments in the TRNC and that they would be happy with any government model that emerges”.

“Mr Turkes strongly denied any involvement of the Turkish government. This has made us happy”, Akinci said

Pointing out that governments in Turkey in the past had meddled in the TRNC’s domestic politics and had tried to influence the government’s set up, Akinci said: “We all experienced this in the past but many years have passed. I too hope that we will not experience such things again. This is my expectation and that of the Turkish Cypriot people”.

Akinci also said that the Turkish government’s preference is a government model that will contribute to the president’s efforts in the negotiations process and which will not create problems.

Akinci also stated that he had found the opportunity to discuss the ongoing Cyprus negotiations process and the pending economic protocol with Turkes.

He further said that the Turkish Cypriot people need to be able to stand on their own two feet, to administer themselves successfully and to have a sustainable economy, all which he added is possible through a healthy dialogue with Turkey.

Also touching upon his meeting with the former Turkish President Abdullah Gul, Akinci said that they found the opportunity to evaluate the latest situation in the Cyprus talks. He said that Gul’s interest in the Cyprus problem, which goes back to his term in active politics, continues.

Hurriyet, BRT

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