Turkey deserves more help with refugee crisis: Ban

Turkey deserves more help for refugees, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has said.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency which covered topics ranging from Syrian refugees to Cyprus negotiations, he began by saying that Turkey should get more help for the assistance it is providing to refugees fleeing the Syrian war.

Turkey and the other countries hosting Syrian refugees … have borne a huge amount of the responsibility … and deserve more help from the international community,” Ban said.

At this time, we have at least 130 million people who need daily humanitarian assistance, including 60 million refugees and displaced people.

Turkey has been most generous in accommodating more than 3 million Syrian refugees,” he said. “Currently hosting more than 3 million refugees from neighbouring countries, Turkey has the experience, knowledge and tradition to respond to humanitarian crisis”.

The Secretary-General urged greater solidarity in order to find new ways for admitting more Syrian refugees and focused on contributions displaced persons could provide for a host country.

When managed properly, accepting refugees is a win for everyone. Refugees are famously devoted to education and self-reliance. They bring new skills and dynamism into aging workforces,” he said.

Ban Ki-moon took office on 1 January 2007. On 21 June 2011, he was unanimously re-elected by the General Assembly and will continue to serve until 31 December 2016.


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