Turkey Expanding Search for Gas

Turkey has expanded the field of its explorations for natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean.

North Cyprus News - Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha

Ankara issued a NAVTEX announcing that ‘Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha’ seismic survey vessel would be carrying out explorations in an area off the south of Kastellorizo [an island 2 km off the coast of southern Turkey] and 125 km east of Rhodes. The Barbaros will be accompanied by ‘Tanux-1’ and ‘Apollo Moon’ vessels.

After this NAVTEX ends, Barbaros will reportedly return to the open sea off Guzelyurt, following evaluations of the results of surveys.

North Cyprus News - Turkish Drill Ship - Fatih

“Together with this, Barbaros is planned to expand its explorations of the Turkish continental shelf in the entire Eastern Mediterranean”, reports ‘Yeni Safak’ newspaper. The paper also writes that in parallel to Barbaros’ explorations, the ‘Fatih’ platform is carrying out drilling operations in the sea off the southern Turkish coastal region of Alanya (Alanya-1 well) and that ‘Deep Sea Metro 1’, Turkey’s second drilling platform, will be carrying out drilling in the Mediterranean instead of the Black Sea.

‘Deep Sea Metro 1’ is expected in the area within the next few days and will start test drilling in a new area which is yet to be determined.

Yeni Safak

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