Turkey is eyeing Cyprus’ resources: Elcil

President of the Turkish Cypriot Teachers’ Trade Union, Sener Elcil has issued a written statement criticising Turkey’s Cyprus policy. According to Elcil the real aim of the Turkish government is to get control of Cyprus soil, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

“Turkey’s Cyprus policy which saw the military intervention to Cyprus supposedly to re-establish the Cyprus Republic’s constitutional order turned into a complete colonisation movement.”

In his statement, Elcil accused Turkish governments of using Turkish Cypriots and their rights arising from international agreements. “Turkish governments who have been using us now have their eyes on our natural resources,” said Elcil.

He also reminded everyone that Turkey’s energy demand is increasing and due to this increasing demand the Turkish government was doing everything to secure a share of the energy resources.

“In the light of this reality, Turkey has an eye on natural gas and petrol in Eastern Mediterranean and is trying to seize these natural resources by using Turkish Cypriots. An agreement on an Exclusive Economic Zone was signed in recent days between Turkey and the political system they established here and this agreement was submitted to the UN.  This agreement which was signed by Turkey’s puppets doesn’t have any international validity. Therefore it’s just shows that Turkey is trying to violate valid international agreements and that their attitude regarding negotiations is not a genuine one.”

 “Cypriots have the only right regarding natural resources. But Turkey who acts as a regional jobber of imperialist powers added our natural resources as part of their expansionist policies.  It should be known that the real intention of the ones who call us “ungrateful parasites” is to take our natural resources and our land,” Elcil’s statement concluded.

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