Turkey has eyes on Cyprus gas

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has emphasised the importance of the use of Cyprus’ natural resources for peace, adding that Turkey would be the primary consumer of gas coming out of the divided island.

Davutoğlu made the remarks in a speech at the closing session of the sixth Atlantic Council Energy and Economic Summit in Istanbul on 22nd November.

“Everyone will gain in Cyprus if both sides accept that natural sources around the island belong to all sides. Peace should be achieved without delay,” he said.

He called for restarting negotiations over the issue. “Let’s use this opportunity for the solution of this issue,” he said.

US Vice-President Joe Biden speaking at the summit said:

“Today, the potential exists — if the political will is there — to reach a solution that benefits everyone on the island and in the region. Right now, that requires a focus on de-escalating tensions and returning to the negotiating table in Cyprus,”

Biden also said that given the significant energy potential in the eastern Mediterranean, the rewards to both communities on Cyprus of finding a cooperative path forward have never been greater.


Sources: Hurriyet and Zaman

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