TRNC needs religious education: says Turkey’s Deputy PM

Several daily Turkish Cypriot newspapers have been critical of remarks made by mainland Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister, Bashir Atalay. His comment was: ” it is well known by everyone that the TRNC needs religious education.” The response by daily newspaper “Halkin Sesi” was: “Do we have the need for religious education?

Atalay stated that along with the religious school, a large mosque will be soon be constructed in Nicosia, noting that in this way: “fortunate generations will be brought up” in North Cyprus.

The protocol was signed by Atalay, the TRNC Minister of Education, Mutlu Atasayan and others. It provides for the construction of a religious college named “Hala Sultan TOBB Religious College” with a capacity for 300 male and female students, in the Nicosia suburb of Haspolat.

Kibris‘ (27.01.13) writes that the chairman of the Republican Turkish party Ozkan Yorgancioglu, criticized Atalay’s statements noting that they are harmful and show no respect to the Turkish Cypriots. He said the Turkish Cypriots condemn and reject any statements that do not respect their political will, their rich cultural past and their identity.

Under the title “Respect please!“, ‘Ortam‘ (27.01.13) writes that the chairman of the Communal Democracy Party Mehmet Cakici, stated that Atalay’s statements are offensive and noted that Turkish Cypriots have their own social and culture structure and no-one should try to show them which direction they should take.

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