Turkey gives 3.3 billion TL in aid to TRNC

North Cyprus Prime Minister, Ersen Kucuk, told the General Assembly on Thursday that he will be signing up to an “economic program” with mainland Turkey next Tuesday, which will include financial aid to the tune of 3.3 billion TL.

Kucuk said he has been in continuous consultation with economic organisations in the North with regard to the new “protocol”, details of which will be made public after the signing on Tuesday. Addressing the Assembly, the Finance Minister, Ersin Tatar, said that 33% of the TRNC budget was covered by Turkey and added: “if it was not for this contribution, the economy would collapse”.

Speaking at the same meeting, Omer Kalyoncu,  MP with the Republican Turkish Party (CTP), called on Kucuk to reveal details of the main points of the  new economic program and argued that the Minister of Finance had said he was not aware of this program. Kalyoncu noted that if the program is signed without the “people” knowing its content, the consequences would be “fatal”.

Meanwhile, Sonay Adem, another MP with the CTP, called on the Government not to sign the “economic protocol” on 4 December and to tell the Turkish ambassador to the Turkish part of Nicosia to convey to his government that they do not have the right to bring such a “protocol” to the TRNC.  Adem noted that the Minister of Economy had signed a “protocol” with the shopkeepers’ association for loans with a low interest rate, after pressure by Turkey’s aid delegation, because the members of this association are Turks from Turkey. Adem accused the Turkish Ambassador of interfering in the affairs of North Cyprus.

Finally, Mustafa Emiroglulari, MP with the Social Democracy Party (TDP), said that the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and his team cannot administer the TRNC, because the TRNC has an “elected parliament” and “government”. He added that his party has always been against interference from outside and said the current Turkish Ambassador should leave the country, because “this ambassador does not love the Turkish Cypriots”.





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