Turkey has 10,000 unemployed journalists

Working Journalist Day was celebrated in Turkey on Tuesday. However, there are fewer journalists than ever walking free to celebrate this day.

While the press has rarely been completely free in Turkey, conditions for journalists have become increasingly bleak, in particular after the failed coup attempt on 15th July last year.

Over 100 media outlets have been shut down, some for allegedly having links to Fethullah Gulen, the self-exiled cleric living in the US, who is accused of masterminding the attempted coup.

According to Journalists sans Frontiere, Turkey tops the list of countries which jail its journalists, ahead of China and Egypt.

Currently there are 100 journalists behind bars. Meanwhile, media bosses are giving way to government pressure to fire journalists who are critical of the government.

Al-Monitor reports that there are 10,000 unemployed journalists in Turkey, leaving a dwindling number to celebrate Working Journalist Day.


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