Turkey has a ‘Plan B’ for North Cyprus

Turkey has a ‘plan B’ for Cyprus, which is to annex North Cyprus to Turkey. This plan has been in place for years now and it has continuously been discussed.

In an interview with Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Yeni Duzen’, Dr Birol Yesilada, Professor of Political Science and International Relations at Portland State University (PSU) argued that the Cyprus talks cannot continue in the same way for another 50 years, adding that the UN cannot support this issue for ever.

Commenting on the recent statement by Yigit Bulut, President Erdogan’s adviser, that “TRNC is an oversea province of Turkey”, Prof. Yesilada said that he believes that this man had given the signal that Turkey is ready to use ‘plan B’ openly as a threat.

He said: “In the south, the elections seem to have come to the forefront and it is about nationalism. The south’s parliament also voted on commemorating the 1950’s Enosis plebiscite.

“The parties who do not want a solution suddenly scored a goal. There was a good environment [in the negotiations] and then that atmosphere was chilled suddenly. …Turkey has a Plan B for Cyprus, which is to connect the north to Turkey. This plan has been waiting there for years.

“As things stand in Turkey, they gradually want to change the Cinderella North Cyprus

“There is a terrible frustration. The Greek Cypriots do not understand this,” he said.

Yeni Duzen

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