Turkey has handed the hydrocarbons issue by TRNC: Ozersay

Kudret Ozersay, chairman of the People’s Party (HP) has issued a statement via social media, on the activities of Turkey’s seismic exploration vessel ’Barbaros’ in [South] Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone.

Ozersay said that the natural gas issue has been almost entirely entrusted to Turkey by President Mustafa Akinci and the government and added:

If the impression and the situation that the interlocutor on these issues is not the Turkish Cypriot side continues, the Turkish Cypriots will become a bit part player, chained to the negotiating table, leave aside becoming an actor in the area. Our only trouble was the drums of war, the war anthem of the Janissary band. [A response to the Greek Cypriot coast guard warning off the ‘Barbaros]. However, there is no instrument for us to play. We are being totally wiped out from the scene. I think that this is the essence of the issue”.


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