Turkey helps TRNC government to upgrade its IT system

President Mustafa Akinci on Thursday, met with Turkish deputy Foreign Minister Naci Koru, who was visiting the TRNC in relation to a project to develop the TRNC foreign ministry’s information technology infrastructure.

During the meeting, Koru said that they have established a secure information technology system for the foreign ministry, adding that they will further develop their cooperation in the near future. He also said that Turkey’s election period will not affect their contribution to the TRNC and they are ready to give every kind of support.

President Akinci said that he is pleased to see that the IT project is near completion, adding that with this enhanced IT system they will have more secure and efficient access to their Representative Offices abroad.

Referring to Turkey’s upcoming election period, Akinci said that he hopes the results will bring stability. He added that both Turkey and Greece have elections periods that coincide with an intensive period of negotiations in Cyprus. Akinci said that they will remain in close consultation with Turkey regarding the Cyprus talks, adding that the aim of all sides is to create a new structure, to which everyone can say “yes” with peace of mind.

Stating that although Turkey is continuing to contribute to the process, Greece, which is one of the guarantor countries, remains silent due to its political and economic situation, Akinci said: “I believe that it would be useful if Greece contributed more to the negotiations process”.

Meanwhile, Akinci will brief the TRNC Assembly on 17th September about the latest developments in the Cyprus negotiations.


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