Turkey insists it will remain guarantor for the whole island

During their recent meeting in Istanbul, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and President Mustafa Akinci decided to continue supporting the positions of the Turkish side on the issue of security and the guarantees.

Correspondent for Turkish daily ‘Milliyet’, Sefa Karahasan, citing diplomatic sources, has said that neither Ankara nor the TRNC will take a step back regarding the issue of security and guarantees to be discussed at the Cyprus Conference in Crans-Montana.

The sources told Karahasan that the security of the Turkish Cypriots is a ‘sine qua non’ and noted that “a confusion of meanings has been created recently on the issue of the guarantees and security”. The sources also said the following:

“An attempt is deliberately exerted to present the chapter of the ‘security and guarantee as ‘security and guarantees’. Turkey is not guarantor of only the one side of the island, that is, of northern Cyprus. It is also guarantor of the Greek Cypriots living on the island, that is, of the whole island. There is a single guarantee over the island. There are not guarantees. The guarantee is a sine qua non. The presence of the Turkish army on the island is sine qua non. The Greek Cypriot side opposes the guarantee but the law does not function even on the issue of the attacks against Turkish Cypriots during the past one year. Let no one expect concessions to be made on the issue of the guarantee and the army in such a case. The Turkish Cypriots, all political parties of the TRNC, state that the guarantee of Turkey is needed”.

Referring to the UNSG’s Special Adviser on Cyprus, Espen Bath Eide, the sources argued that Eide “is chasing his career” and added: “He does not want to give the impression that he left the Cyprus problem unfinished and went away. No unacceptable steps could be taken for Eide’s career”.

Referring to the territory chapter, the sources said: “The Greek Cypriots ask continuously for land for the federal state. They are obsessed with Morfou. They want necessarily a part of Morfou. This approach is not acceptable. […] It is said that the problem continues for 50 years. It will continue for another 50 but no one will give concessions from the rights of the Turkish Cypriots. The situation cannot continue in this manner.

The sources underlined the importance of not making concessions at the negotiating table in the belief that “the Greek Cypriots will not accept them anyway”.

They argued that making concessions in order for the world to see that the Turkish side has taken steps would be wrong.


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