Turkey interferes politically with TRNC: says union leader

The head of the TRNC teachers union, Sener Elcil, has invited Turkish Minister for EU Affairs, Egemen Bagis to come over from Turkey and get better acquainted with the real TRNC.

In his statement, Mr Elcil says that Turkey interferes with every aspect of the TRNC and is finally sticking its nose into the South Cyprus elections.

He says that Turkey was actively involved in the recent UBP elections, with the Turkish ambassador and Turkish Ministers coming over to hold meetings in favour of Dr Kucuk. Now that they had their man in North Cyprus, they were interfering with South Cyprus affairs.

Mr Elcil says that Turkey has, for many years, ruled the TRNC through a puppet government and is trying to hide the fact that it officially recognises the Republic of Cyprus. Ankara officially recognises the Greek Cypriots in all political areas, including sports.

Mr Elcil claims that the Turkish ruling AKP party has thwarted the political will of the Turkish Cypriots and has maintained the status quo of 1974. This makes a mockery of all Cypriots.

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