Turkey looking to privatise TRNC utilites

Preparation of the economic cooperation protocol with Turkey for the period 2016-2018 is completed and the protocol has been sent to Turkey, CHP chairman Mehmet Ali Talat has said.

Speaking on Kanal Sim television, Talat noted that some reforms are included in the package and support is to be provided for these reforms. Talat said that he does not know how Turkey will respond on these issues.

Referring to the TRNC electricity authority (KIB-TEK), Talat recalled that Turkey wants KIB-TEK’s distribution and revenue collection to be privatised. Pointing out that there will be a disagreement with Turkey on this issue, Talat noted that the government argues that KIB-TEK’s payment collection system should be automated.

He said that he does not understand Turkey’s logic on this issue and added: “What is the logic of the distribution and revenue collection being privatised now? There is no problem in the revenue collection now. I do not know whether they will insist again on this issue, because when the protocol in 2012 had been signed, KIB-TEK could not collect the revenue properly”.

Referring to the ports and the telecommunication authority, Talat said that different models could be considered for them.

Yeni Duzen

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