Turkey offers help in planning new state hospital in Nicosia

Turkey’s Minister of Health, Recep Akdag, has said during a meeting he held in Ankara with the TRNC Minister of Health Faiz Sucuoglu, that Turkey will provide any kind of support for the TRNC for the new hospital, which is being  planned, for Nicosia.

Pointing out that the Dr Burhan Nalbantoglu state hospital in North Nicosia was built 70 years ago and that it cannot provide enough services to cover the current needs of the community, Akdag said that it is necessary for the TRNC to have a functional hospital that will provide high quality health services to the Turkish Cypriot people. “Our ministry is ready to provide all kind of support on this issue”, Akdag said.

He added that a technical committee will be sent to the TRNC right after Bayram, in order to discuss with ministry officials, ways the TRNC’s health system could be improved.

Haberal Kibrisli

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